Burn Awareness Week: Child Scald Prevention

Did you know that scalds from hot liquids account for almost 50% of all child burn injuries? Did you also know that a child’s skin burns 4 times faster than an adults?

Here’s some tips to keep your children safe from scalds:

  • Always supervise your child in the bath!   A child can easily reach up and turn on a hot water tap, and the average hot water tank temperature can cause a serious burn to a child in 1 second.
  • Have your hot water tank temperature reduced or mixing valve installed to a lower temperature to be completely safe!  ** Consult a qualified contractor as a mixing valve may be required. Lowering the temperature can cause bacteria to build up in some tanks. 
  • Ensure cords from plug in appliances such as kettles and crock pots are tucked away from the edge of counters and out of reach of children to eliminate the risk of them pulling them down on themselves.
  • Keep cups with hot liquids, such as coffee and tea, away from the edge of counters and tables and out of reach of children.
  • Never drink a hot beverage or cook while holding your child.
  • Use the rear burners on your stove and turn all pot/pan handles away from the edge of the stove and ensure your child stays out of the kitchen when cooking.

For any questions or more info, please email us at fpo2@gibsonsfire.ca

Credit: BC Professional Burn Fund / Too Hot For Tots.

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