Burning Regs


Outdoor burning is not permitted in the Town of Gibsons. This includes beach fires and campfires.


Backyard Burning:
• SCRD Bylaw 631
• Fires will only be permitted from October 15th to April 15th when the Ventilation Index (for Central Vancouver Island) is rated as “Good”.
• Backyard fires are only for the purpose of disposing of vegetative yard and garden waste that originates on the property where the fire is taking place. The burning of garbage, construction waste or toxic materials is not allowed.
• Fires must not exceed 2m in diameter, 1m in height and must be a minimum of 15m from any building and 5m inside property lines and clear of all combustible material.
• The fire must be attended by a competent person at all times and a garden hose should be close at hand.

• Campfires are allowed year round but may be banned by the Fire Chief during high risk periods.

Land Clearing Fires:
• Machine piled land clearing fires are allowed year-round until banned by the Fire Chief during high risk periods and require a permit and site inspection. Call the fire hall to make an appointment during regular office hours. The fee for a permit is $25, the fine for not having one is $250.
• Persons burning land clearing debris must comply with the Provincial Open Burning Smoke Control Regulations. The Venting Index Hotline number is 1-888-281-2992; use the Central Vancouver Island forecast for the Sunshine Coast.
• Land clearing fires must adhere to the conditions set forth in SCRD Bylaw 631.

Smoke Complaints:
• The mandate of the fire department is to address safety. Smoke is a nuisance and does not fall within our jurisdiction. If someone is burning in their yard and following the regulations they may continue to do so. If the smoke from someone’s fire is causing a problem for you we would encourage you to talk to them and discuss your concerns.
• The SCRD Bylaw Enforcement Officer can be reached by email bylaw.compliance@scrd.ca or call 604-885-6800. If calling outside regular office hours follow the prompt to the answering service.

For complaints regarding smoke from land clearing fires or large scale burning call the Conservation Office at 1-877-952-7277