Burn Awareness Week: Kitchen Burn Prevention

  • Kids should never be in the kitchen while you are cooking. Ensure kids stay away from any hot appliances and educate them not to touch any appliance that could potentially be hot in the kitchen such as the stove, electric kettles, toasters, coffee makers, hot plates, etc.
  • Make sure to let anyone else who may be in the kitchen know if you are transferring a hot pot or pan from the stove. Make sure to look before you move the pot to ensure nobody is in the way that may bump you, and that nothing is on the floor that could cause you to trip.
  • Never reach directly over a pot of boiling liquids as this can cause steam burns.
  • Use oven mitt’s whenever you are reaching in to an oven. Always lightly touch any pot/pan handles on the stove top before firmly grabbing them as they can heat up from radiant heat on the stove top/oven.
  • If you ever have a pot flare up or catch on fire, never try and move it from the stove and use a lid to snuff out the flames. Keep the cover on until the pot has had completely cooled.
  • Keep all pots and pan handles directed to the side or pointed in so they are out of reach from children and cannot get caught on loose clothing causing the hot pot or pan to fall.

Kitchens account for a large percentage of all burn related injuries in the home.  Make sure to exercise caution as it can only take a second, to change a life forever.

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